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Optimize your organization’s assets with Microsoft asset management software. Explore Asset Management 365 for efficient and comprehensive asset tracking and maintenance. Asset Management 365 software offers comprehensive visibility into your assets, allowing for seamless tracking of the entire IT lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal, within a single platform. This functionality helps prevent security issues, reduce audit risks, and simplify the asset renewal planning process.

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Why Asset Management 365?

Boost Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Save time and resources with automated asset tracking, optimized maintenance schedules, and simplified procurement processes in our asset management solutions

Enhance Visibility and Control

Obtain detailed insights into asset usage, thereby enabling streamlined and fully automated compliance and comprehensive audit procedures.

Discover Innovation

Utilize advanced technology and outstanding customer support for seamless asset management and exceptional overall user satisfaction.

Microsoft asset management software integrated with Azure for efficient contract management.

Our Microsoft asset management software provides extensive functionality, enabling dynamic retrieval of assets from Microsoft Intune and effective SharePoint management of software licenses, service agreements, and subscriptions for cloud applications within Office 365. It supports flexible asset allocation across individuals, groups, and diverse geographical locations, ensuring optimized resource utilization.  Automation capabilities driven by a robust workflow engine streamline the renewal processes for contracts, software licenses, and cloud applications, enhancing operational efficiency. The Azure Asset Management App plays a critical role in continuously updating the Azure asset inventory, thereby improving overall management effectiveness.

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IT and Physical asset management solutions featuring Audits

With our SharePoint IT asset management software, managing and reporting licenses through Excel sheets, a traditionally labour-intensive process, becomes streamlined and efficient. Our audit function offers the capability to review an asset’s entire lifecycle, pinpointing its assignment date down to the exact day and month, and tracking its usage patterns over time. You can conduct audits on assets at any time, examining contracts, software licenses, and hardware configurations effortlessly with our Microsoft asset management software. This feature not only ensures compliance but also helps identify underutilized equipment, enabling proactive action planning. For more detailed insights into this feature and its benefits, we invite you to contact us for a personalized demo.

SharePoint Ticketing System: Focus on what you need​

Barcode Scanning, Image Capture, and Document Management with SharePoint IT Asset Management solutions

Our Microsoft asset management software offers the capability to generate barcodes and QR codes directly within the platform, facilitating easy tracking through the asset monitoring app’s barcode tracking system. Asset details can be verified using mobile devices or barcode scanners, enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, the software allows users to link comprehensive documentation to each asset, including user manuals, support contacts, and guidelines, ensuring all relevant information is easily accessible.


Microsoft Asset Management Solution: In-Depth Reports

  • Seamless data export to Excel for your convenience.
  • Effortless customization of column order to match your preferences.
  • Simplified data presentation by eliminating unnecessary columns.
  • Addition of custom columns to incorporate personalized insights.
  • Generation of comprehensive reports on assigned assets, inventory status, expiration dates, and purchase records.
  • Enhanced data exploration with advanced search capabilities and filters.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews for Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Dashboard Visualization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Asset management software offers deployment flexibility with on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid models.

On-premises ensures data control and security but requires local infrastructure maintenance. Cloud deployment provides scalability, accessibility, and reduced upfront costs with automatic updates.

Hybrid models combine local data control with cloud scalability for optimal flexibility. Choosing the right deployment depends on data sensitivity, regulatory compliance, IT infrastructure, and organizational preferences for control versus flexibility.

Each option offers distinct advantages tailored to different organizational needs and operational strategies.

SharePoint IT Asset management software automates depreciation calculations using methods like straight-line, double-declining balance, or custom configurations.

These methods determine how asset values decrease over time, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance. Straight-line evenly distributes asset costs across its useful life, while double-declining balance accelerates depreciation initially.

Custom methods offer flexibility for specific organizational needs or regulatory requirements. By automating these calculations, the software minimizes errors, saves time, and enhances transparency in financial management.

This capability is essential for businesses seeking precise asset tracking and efficient financial planning.

Microsoft Asset management software commonly integrates features for scheduling and tracking maintenance activities, including associated costs.

These tools streamline maintenance workflows by allowing users to plan and monitor tasks efficiently. They provide visibility into maintenance schedules, ensuring timely inspections and repairs to maximize asset uptime and lifespan.

Users can track costs associated with maintenance activities, facilitating budget management and cost control measures. Such features enhance operational efficiency by reducing downtime and optimizing resource allocation.

Overall, these capabilities are crucial for organizations aiming to maintain assets effectively and minimize operational disruptions.

Many asset management software solutions provide mobile apps or responsive web interfaces, enabling convenient access and management from mobile devices.

These interfaces allow users to view and update asset information, track maintenance tasks, and monitor inventory remotely. Mobile accessibility enhances flexibility and efficiency by enabling real-time updates and notifications on the go.

Users can seamlessly manage assets, conduct audits, and access reports from anywhere with internet connectivity. Such features in our IT asset management support agile workflows and improve collaboration among teams working in diverse locations.

Overall, mobile capabilities are integral to modern asset management solutions, promoting productivity and responsiveness.

SharePoint Asset management software commonly supports integration with ERP systems to streamline financial reporting and management processes. This integration enables seamless synchronization of asset data between asset management and ERP systems, ensuring consistency and accuracy in financial records.

By integrating with ERP systems, asset management software enhances overall operational efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing manual errors. It facilitates real-time visibility into asset-related financial information, improving decision-making and compliance with accounting standards.

 Organizations benefit from unified data across departments, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing productivity. Integration capabilities play a crucial role in maximizing the value of asset management software within an organization’s IT ecosystem.

Asset management solutions maintain detailed records essential for compliance with regulatory requirements and streamlines auditing processes.

These records include asset acquisition details, depreciation calculations, maintenance histories, and disposal records, ensuring transparency and accountability.

By centralizing this information, the software facilitates easy access and retrieval during audits, reducing audit preparation time and improving accuracy. Comprehensive records also help organizations demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards, fostering trust with stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Automated reporting features further enhance compliance efforts by generating standardized reports on demand. Overall, robust record-keeping capabilities are pivotal in ensuring regulatory compliance and operational transparency within asset management processes.

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